“I started taking yoga for 2 reasons. One of my close friends was studying under Madhavi Marcia Scredon and I could definitely see a physical change in her. She was starting to look a lot healthier and prettier. The second reason is I have osteopenia and I thought it might be helpful for bone health. I have to say I still have bone issues but what I have gotten from Marcia’s classes has truly been amazing. One physical benefit was I no longer have a sciatic problem. This is a very painful reoccurring condition that would sometimes last up to 2 months at a time. My doctor had prescribed muscle relaxers and anti inflammatory drugsand theyreally didn’t help that much. In class I learned several stretches for this condition and I now no longer suffer from it. That alone was huge for me! The breathing techniques taught in the class have also helped me with my insomnia. In general I just feel much more energetic and younger. I could go on and on about the benefits I have gotten from taking yoga at the Yoga Source but let me just say one more thing. I am extremely busy but I make time for these classes because the spiritual and physical benefitsare well worth it!”

–Jackie S./ Lilburn

“Over the past few years, I have taken yoga classes at various fitness centers in the area. I didn’t know what I was missing until I found The Yoga Source! Marcia welcomes everyone, from the beginner to the more advanced, with warmth and grace. Her classes reflect her years of experience and her wealth of knowledge of the ancient wisdom of yoga and its modern day application to our stressful world; her studio is an oasis of calm and well-being. And if that wasn’t enough, Marcia serves us hot tea and homemade muffins at the end of each class!”

— JoAnn W./ Lawrenceville

I have gone to The Yoga Source for a little over a year and I have loved each and every experience! Marcia does an amazing job of making you feel comfortable and accomplished even if it is your very first class. I have problems with my knees after years of long distance running. Marcia offers alternatives if a pose is uncomfortable and allows me to move at my own pace, yet still benefit from the hatha experience. My fear with yoga, having never tried it before, was that I would feel self conscious or that it would be difficult to follow. I can honestly say that has never been an issue for me at The Yoga Source. Marcia’s instruction is clear, concise, and tailored to individual needs. Initially, I attended class due to 45 year old’s typical aches and pains. I will continue because the experience goes well beyond relief of aches and pains. It has empowered me, through Marcia’s guidance and instruction, to be proactive regarding both mind and body. Managed stress and increased flexibility are unbelievable benefits and reason to continue this journey for a very long time.

-Kelly B./ Grayson

Marcia has unlimited knowledge and extensive background in “all things yoga” that brings a personal element and love for yoga to the studio…so in turn my practice involves mind, body and spirit and I leave feeling nourished, rested and ready for my day.

-Lynda M./ Snellville

“Since starting yoga over 4 years ago, I have been able to improve my focus and flexibility – both important life factors for an almost 50 year old! I came to the Yoga Source as a total yoga novice, never having even uttered my first “Om”, and a little fearful that I’d be uncomfortable with my lack of flexibility. No worries, though – Marcia sets a tone of acceptance and comfort in her classes, yet expects each of her students to work to their personal edge to gain the full benefits of yoga practice. Through the classes, I have learned to keep my mind focused which has helped immeasurably outside of class. I find my stress level is reduced, my ability to flex with life’s unexpected turns is enhanced, and that my physical health is improved. Sciatica and lower back aches and pains are greatly improved as well. Every class leaves me feeling more centered, energized, and ready to handle whatever may come my way.”

–Carol H./ Snellville

Why do I continue to come to The Yoga Source after 10 years? First there is Marcia’s warm, welcoming greeting. Her intuitive way of knowing when it’s time to make adjustments to one’s posture, the class content, the way she schedules classes so that her students’ yoga needs are being met.
How she avails us of the opportunity to share with the Community Food Banks (for dogs as well as mankind!) Not to forget our 2 boys from Columbia and India – our $’s for water go to them!
The atmosphere of the studio is serenely beautiful and peaceful as Marcia’s gift for making our space a tranquil haven is evidenced most recently by an amazing mural (compliments of one of our most recent students) which is reflected by the mirrors on the opposing wall.
The choice of music is always “spot on”. Daily readings, which Marcia has herself compiled in a beautiful book, from yogis (ancient and modern) as well as many authors and poets, inspire or provoke delving within one self. And at the end of each ‘shivasana’ comes Marcia’s ultimate gift of hospitality and a chance for students to connect and get to know each other – TEA AND MUFFINS! Recently, Marcia has started a Book Club and a monthly Saturday movie…both thought – provoking to say the least. Here is the complete body, mind and spirit experience – why would I ever consider going elsewhere? Thank you, Marcia. I am privileged to be a part of all this.

–Sally M./ Lilburn