Class Descriptions

HATHA YOGA – Yoga changes the way we think and feel down to our cellular level. These sessions are a skillful blending of yoga asana featuring a different theme each week. They are suitable for a wide range of fitness and experience levels. This style of practice provides a multitude of benefits including stress relief, reduced joint and back pain, and the easing of tight, constricted muscles. By combining static stretching with conscious breath the knots located deep within the tissues of the body are addressed and systematically released. The result is a feeling of ease under the skin and a renewed sense of inner peace. Each one of these soul-healing sessions is an experience that can improve even the most life-challenged day.  For all levels.

SUNRISE YOGA – This is Hatha (for all levels) yoga….just practiced when the rooster crows. Yogis know that this is the ideal time to practice for optimal bliss all day. Start your morning right. You’ll be so glad you did.  For all levels.

RESTORATIVE YOGA– Melt into relaxation using props to support the body and thus free the spirit. Come and treat yourself to a middle of the week treat.  For all levels.

YUMMY YOGA– A floorwork class for those who find the standing poses, especially sun salutations, just too hard on the joints. This soothing practice actually lubricates the joints and releases over-stressed muscles using somatic techniques. For all levels.

FLOW – Explore the fundamentals of this emerging style of yoga. Sequences are built around the breath and the pace is steady and offers some challenge.  Level 1.5

FLOW & YIN –  The first half of this class offers sun salutation variations to warm the body and the second half offers gently held and extended floor-work (yin postures) targeting the hips. Those wishing to establish a seated meditation practice will benefit from this class as it eases physical resistance to sitting as well as the equally challenging mental resistance. Come experience how holding these simple postures in stillness helps to discipline the mind to let go of its clutter and unruliness. A powerfully transformative practice.  Level 1.5

VINYASA FLOW – More challenging postures and pacing. Level 1.5

KUNDALINI YOGA – Each session offers static postures, repetitive movements, vigorous breath-work, and meditation. It is a unique yoga that works the metabolism, burns fat, tones and transforms the physical body while healing the psyche and uplifting the soul.  Kundalini Yoga is called ‘the yoga of awareness’ and is recommended for anyone committed and ready to make conscious change. Said to be at least seven times more powerful on an energetic level than other types of yoga, Kundalini is described as an energy technology that works directly on the nervous and glandular systems to achieve rapid and satisfying shifts in consciousness and physical chemistry.  Level 1.5