Q: Do I need to call to register before I attend a class?

A: It isn’t necessary to call before your first class unless you are planning to drop into Kundalini Yoga without previous experience in that style of practice.

If you have concerns about a limiting physical condition don’t hesitate to call in advance for information. Also, please be sure to call if you want any clarification on directions to the studio as MapQuest and your GPS will misdirect you to Fountain Dr. The best time to call is weekday afternoons between 11:30 – 5:00P.

Classes start on time and a first-time drop-in needs to arrive about 10 minutes early to fill out a registration form and speak with the instructor before the class begins. Only established students who hold a punch card or pass may slip into a class after its started.

Q: Can I try a class before I purchase a pass or punch card?

A: Yes. You can pay as a drop-in before any class starts and apply that $15 toward your punch card or pass if you purchase it immediately after finishing the class.

Q: Can I come to any class on the schedule?

A: Punch card and pass holders have total flexibility in coming to any class whenever it is convenient for them. Basic Hatha and Hatha Yoga classes are strongly recommended as the place to begin for drop-ins new to the studio without any previous yoga experience, especially for those with physical limitations that may require some modification. Students new to the studio who wish to drop into a Kundalini class are asked to contact the instructor in advance unless they’ve had some prior experience with this style of yoga.

Q: What is the difference between a punch card and a pass?

A: An unlimited pass is a savings for people who regularly come to class at least twice a week. With a punch card you can come more than twice a week as well but you also have more time to spread out your classes and of course you have only a set number.

Q: I’m not sure if I want to try yoga. Can I just watch a class to see what you do first?

A: Sorry but no. If you’re shy about jumping into a class the first time, don’t be. It’s really not scary at all once you’re on the mat. The teacher does everything she can to help new students relax and feel comfortable. In fact, that’s precisely why observers aren’t allowed in class; because being watched may make some people feel self-conscious.

Q: What should I bring? Do I need my own mat? Do you sell mats at the studio?

A: Most students do prefer to bring their own mat once they get established in their practice. The studio does not sell these because they can be purchased locally below wholesale cost at TJMaxx and Marshall’s.

Q: What should I wear to class?

A: The dress code for a yoga class is comfortable, modest, non-restrictive clothing and bare feet. Other than that, wear what you like. Layers that you can take off as you warm up or put back on again as you cool down are always a good idea.

Q: How many other people will be in the class? Will you have room for a new student?

A: There is always room. The size of the class, however, depends on many factors from the time of the year to the weather to the traffic. Sometimes the classes are small and sometimes they are not so small. Both large and small classes have their benefits. Having more people adds to the energy of the session and smaller classes offer a cozy feel and lots of special attention. Just show up and know that you are always welcome.

Q: How often should I come to class?

A: As often as you are able. Set aside yoga as a priority whether you come once a week or daily. Yoga is self-care and we all need yoga in our lives to keep our stress-levels from creating dis-ease in our bodies and from prematurely aging.

To look like Jennifer Anniston plan on spending a lot of time on your yoga mat.

Q: Do you offer gift certificates? When is the best time to drop by the studio to pick one up? Can I order one over the phone and have it mailed?

A: The studio does offer gift certificates. Please be aware however that the studio is closed when classes aren’t in session and that during a class there is no one at the front desk to help you. To drop-by to purchase a gift certificate simply look at the schedule and stop in 15 minutes before a class starts or ends. You may also pay over the phone by credit card. Your certificate with gift card will be mailed out that day.

Q: Do you offer child care? If not, would it be okay if I brought my child anyway to wait for me with a book or homework while I attend class?

A: I’m sorry but the studio isn’t equipped for child care and while your child may be no trouble, saying yes to one student’s child means saying yes to everyone’s. The potential for problems is too great.

Q: Do you offer a yoga class for children? Can my child attend a class with me?

A: The studio does offer a Mommy & Me class Tuesday afternoons at 4pm.   Fathers and other caregivers are also welcome!  The minimum age for all other classes at this studio is 14 years old.  Yoga is great for kids, but kids usually enjoy a more kid-focused class. Many adults who attend classes are parents and teachers of young children who wish their practice to be their just for ‘grown-ups’ time.

Q: Am I too old for yoga?

A: There is a style of yoga for every age and fitness level. You are never too old for yoga and yoga will keep you eternally youthful. There are seniors in all the studio’s classes and age is no limitation for practice. For the style of yoga offered at this studio, the fitness requirement is simply to be able to get down on (and off of) the floor without assistance and to be able to stand without support.

Q: Are there many men in the classes?

A: In the evening and on Saturdays the class ratio is sometimes more men than women or at least pretty even. Weekdays there are only a few men who attend regularly but they would welcome an addition to their ranks.

Q: Which class is for an absolute beginner?

A:  Our instructors provide many helpful modifications, allowing you to adjust your practice when necessary. The Hatha classes, however, are also gentle and are easy to follow.

Q: Is Kundalini Yoga harder or more advanced? How is it different?

A: Kundalini Yoga isn’t necessarily more difficult. It is, however, more energetic. It is an amazingly well thought out technology to manipulate and direct energy for the purpose of raising Consciousness. It utilizes powerful pumping breath with many of the postures and it is characterized by a lot of repetitive movement and some vibrational sound chanting (use of mantra). Kundalini Yoga sessions are a bit shorter and more intense and close with a 7 to 11-minute meditation that can be extremely deep and healing. If you have no previous experience with Kundalini Yoga and you’ve never been to this studio, please contact the instructor prior to dropping in for a first Kundalini Yoga class.

Q: What is Pilates? Does the studio offer it?

A: Pilates is a form of physical toning that was developed by a man named Joseph Pilates in the 1920’s to heal injured dancers using aspects of both Yoga and ballet. The studio does not offer Pilates. Yoga is a body, mind, and spirit technology that was developed somewhere between 4,000 and 5,000 years ago in India. For physical toning, the studio offers Kundalini Yoga and Vinyasa Yoga.

Q: Do you offer ‘hot’ yoga?

A: No, not at this time.

Q: I’ve heard that yoga is good for weight loss. Is that true?

A: Yes. All yoga is detoxifying and toning and helps us become more conscious of what our bodies need for fuel (energy); what our bodies need for balance. For fat-burning the best classes are the Kundalini Yoga classes which flush out the most toxins and stimulate the thyroid gland to crank up the metabolism.

Q: Do you offer Prenatal Yoga?

A: The studio does not presently offer a Prenatal Yoga class. A regularly attending student who becomes pregnant may stay in the Hatha classes with some modifications as their pregnancy progresses if their OB/GYN agrees. Those not connected to the studio who are looking for Prenatal Yoga are encouraged to contact The Pierce Program in midtown Atlanta.